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5. September - 23. September 2011

The exhibition project of Adam Sakai, Svartfar (black sheep) is the first self-presentation. Installation ended in a series of paintings and objects, intuitive questions addresses the relationship between town and country, between man and nature. It also seeks to identify with their own personal history, tradition and constancy confrontation paradoxically's ongoing progress and change.
Classical art paintings medium used to increase the intensity of action of the elements in the image that evoke the passage of time. The work DT (2011) recorded a sort of contemporary intersection where informality poses a way of wearing costume contrasts with traditions in bondage.
Photographically realistic skillfully sheep emerging from the mist in the mist works BRNB 11 (2010), and BRNB 22 (2010) vnímateľa rozcitlivejú Calling on his humanity but immediately paused at the sight of pink skin devoid of sheep's head (BRNH 6, 2010), is like a drowning roztekajúcu the ice.
Amidst this emotionally charged environment, the sheep graze peacefully (PS PUR). White object not shock or nerozmaznáva, remains intermezzo.
In creating Sakai frequent portraits of man, sheep, or the whole herd here to receive special, bizarre connections prirovnávajúceho the author of one sheep protruding from the group and not just the color. Black sheep is a symbol of well-known reference to the individual projecting a series of banality and monotony.
Adam Sakai therefore not express a clear critique of the urban way of life or vice versa does not put on a pedestal naive rural environment, just note the differences.

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