Exhibition "Bitter Sweet",

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1. August- 26. August 2011

The exhibition „Bitter sweet“ represents the painting series from the diploma work of Lucia Tallova. The author combines two contradictory visual experiences: impersonal product of the industrial society and ethereal dreamy landscape.Fragments of day-to-day reality are absorbed by the void environment full of mist, steam and delicate ornamental raster. Depicted objects are emerging from (or sinking into) empty spaces of the canvas. The combination of lace, representation of femininity and tenderness with the abandoned cold object creates an interesting contrast.
Lucia Tallova paints large-format city landscapes with atmosphere and finely nuanced colors. Sky, countryside and city in their various facets, perceived as idyll or threat, mark the conflict of the painting. The work, with its enormous effect of distance, critically illuminates the aspect of the beauty and the vastness of the world. Tallova’s series are impressive snapshots of modern landscape painting in urban environments.

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