Monogramista T.D, born 13.3.1947 as Dezider Tóth in Výčapy-Opatovce. Between 1962-1966 he attended the “Applied Arts High School/School of Applied Arts” in Bratislava (professors Rudolf Fila and Štefan Schwartz). In 1972 he finished his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (professor Petra Matejka´s atelier). In 1970 he participated at the 1. Open Atelier at Rudolf Sikora´s home on Tehelná street. After finishing his studies he intensively works on alternative forms of visual art, on creating objects, action art, conceptual artworks. He is a participant and an organizer of the unofficial art in the 70´s and the 80´s of the 20th century in the former Czechoslovakia, it is Depozit between 1976-77, Posun - Majstrovstvo Bratislavy v posune artefaktu from 1979 to 1986, actions called Terén between 1982-1984. In 1991 he accepts a job offer at the Academy in Bratislava as a painting and painting techniques technologist and he changes the teaching concept to Dramaturgy of the art material/theoretical lectures/, later to, now legendary Non-atelier. In 1997 he changes his civil name by a notary record, and as of then, he creates and exhibits under the name Monogramista T.D. In 2001 he becomes a professor at the AVU in Prague. Simultaneously, he focuses on publishing and poetic activities, besides, he is the author of the books Make a mask, (Mladé letá Bratislava 1989), Leg to Leg (together with V. Klimáček, O.K.O. Bratislava 2005), Voiceless book (Afad press Bratislava 2005) and texts under the pseudonym Andro Verdan. In 2011 the I am not an author, I am a metaphor monograph is published (Slovart a O.K.O. Bratislava). He lives in Brno and Štramberk.

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