András Cséfalvay
Exhibition: September 28 - October 2, 2015


András Cséfalvay attracted public attention as a laureate of the Oskar Čepán Award (2009) - which is regarded by many as the most prestigious award for young artists (up to 35 years) in Slovakia - while he was still ar the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. Looking at the close circle called the “art scene”, this seemingly conversative artist simply jumps out to you. It is possible that he is the embodiment of the wish of the “silent minority”; to return refinement and the cliché of a romantically harrowed artist to the field of contemporary, which are being pushed out by globalization, current themes, and the social status of visual artist. The young artists might have received an award merely due to a subconscious desire of the expert jury for “otherness” and timeless themes, which are currently being replaced with modern individualism and social motifs. The art ist’s works show that there is still hope. Although he mainly focuses on video (in addition to painting, installation, and music), his works mediate the charm ofVictorian intellectuals studying Darwins’s theories, the dark coolness of Scandinavian films, the stiffness of Bocoklin’s Isle of the the Dead, and the richness of classical music composition. A considerable part od Cséfalvay’s work can be considered a search for the meaning of art, and romantic idea of an artist as a fallen hero, whois unable to step out from the shadow of his of her own failures compared to the higher principles of nature and humanity. The production of visual formations, accompanied by the difficult composition and photos typicalof opera, allowed him to test his own artistic capacities. In these works headless the principle of Gesamtkunstwerk (total artwork), a synthesis od the arts, in this case, of opera and visual arts. He works as a scriptwriter, composer, and director, but, in his own words, he needed to compose an opera to validate his existence as an artist: “Only after a young man composes an opera can he consider himself an artist andtake himself seriously…” Despite the inclination towards the reduction of compositions in his video installations, his wokrs still linger somewhere in the area between music and visual art. Photography, text, painting, and drawing help him to represent the chosen themes as aptly as possible. The themes of his works, which do not avoid the search for the deepest motivations and the meaning of the artist’s work, together with their masterful representation, mean that Andras Cséfalvay has great potential in the Slovak contemporary art scene.

Katarina Mullerova

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