Opening of exhibition

JUNE 9, 2020

Exhibition on view till July 17, 2020

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Model for Extinction Survival: Take to the Sky

Artist Guided Live Tour : Thursday July 16, at 17.00

And online livestream english version 18.00


SODA gallery codrially invite you to the opening of exhibition
András Cséfalvay
Model for Extinction Survival: Take to the Sky

Most current crises, the climate crisis, the virus pandemic, come down to the fear of addressing questions of death, extinction and annihilation. The story of dromaeosaurs tries to restore hope in searching for a future. Growing feathers had an entirely different purpose in early dinosaurs. Arguably, however, the ability to fly later allowed a few families of dinosaurs to survive the extinction event, and to further evolve into birds. We, humans also do not have access to the big picture of our stories, while the end seems inevitable. The dinosaur parallel shows a path. Instead of being concerned with constant maintenance, the available systems, technology, resources need to be hacked, "misused" in radical, imaginative ways. We inevitably must look at ourselves as part of greater evolutionary processes.

Andras Csefalvay is a visual artist, he creates stories, installations, videos using digital technologies. He deals with the relationship between culture and technology, political and ethical aspects of listening to non-dominant voices, world interpretations . He is interested in non-anthropocentric narratives in philosophy and the natural sciences.







Vznik umeleckých diel podporil z verejných zdrojov formou štipendia Fond na podporu umenia

The artworks were supported using public funding by a stipend from the Slovak Arts Council

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