Gábor KÓOS

Budapest diary


Opening: 3. June. 2014, Tuesday, 19.00 hod.

Exhibition: 4. 06. – 28. 6. 2014


His work is about preserving. His record and document personally relevant issues, objects and places. This approach is in line with diary-writing and it grew out organically from a travel, during his time as an artist in residence in Glasgow. Being away for the first time and being on his own, it became very important for him to document his experiences, which were in a way mirroring his independency.
He wanted to find the most simply, most direct way of preserving. And he also wanted that my work reflects his personal affection to the documented object. From this motivation two techniques emerged, which both are deeply rooted in the tradition of printmaking, but in a sense also completely negate this tradition.

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