Coming out?,

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4. August - 28. August 2010

The term "Coming out" is best known in the gay community and identifies developmental process by which one recognizes and accepts its minor emotional and sexual orientation, and subsequent zdôverovania with this fact to others. The name of the exhibition "Coming out?" Primarily reflects the theme of the exhibition, which deals with queer art-s and also highlights the fact that this is the first solo exhibition Kristian Nemeth, based on the art scene.
The author presents a video show on the position of the Catholic Church on homosexuality, based on the author's real confession confessional. Form installation presents controversial issue over gay person Nazi Ernst Rohm, who was co-founder and commander of the paramilitary SA in the Third Reich and his homosexuality publicly known. Intimate video and images capturing two friction
men on his chin to show visitors look
the private life of the author.

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