Modeling Studies


Marek Kvetan
Curated by Vladimír Beskid
Opening/Vernissage September 13th 2016, 6.00 pm
Exhibition on display until October 9th 2016

Marek Kvetan

Slovak multi media artist Marek Kvetan (1976) belongs to the distinctive figures of the Slovak middle aged scene, adequatelly established also in the broader middle European context. Throughout the decade we see him stepping back from dematerialized digital postures and preference in space and material outputs. The author is coming out of post-conceptual positions, analytical methods and concentrates himself on 3D realisation and modeling situations. He formats the sober inputs decisively    and reaches full visual environments.

The current project called ”MATRA”(2016) keeps this manner of thinking whereby overlaps the production of particular objects with its concept. He is touching the open intervention of gallery space, to distructing its ”artificial” character. It concerns creations of a new boneless situation, where the borders between natural and art(ificial), inbetween DYI and estetics o fit, the imitiations and the paradox of style at the backround of fine art, intersect and wipe down themselves. Marek Kvetan prefers framing of realitiy in paralel, creating one compact audio-visual installation dominating the white cube. Installation made for the specifics of this space evokes on one hand homely rockery with naive plastic windbags ornamentaly painted. On the other hand symbolicaly reffers to the mythical Mount of the heraldic Slovak triple mountain chain where the home made rocket models take off. A made up wind blows and mixed natural sounds resound to it all. Kvetan constructs a dynamic visual interface and opens some kind of mental game where he stimulates the sensitivity and imagination of the audience so they can approach the multilayered reading.


The exhibition on display until October 13th 2016.

Marek Kvetan, born 1976 in Bratislava, graduated VŠVU in Bratislava (1995-2001) research fellowship at the Faculty of arts TU in Brno (1999). Awards: 2010 – finalist of Henkel Art Award Wienna, finalist of Souvereign European Art Prize, Barbican Centre London, 2008- laureate of NG Award 333, National Gallery Prague, 2003- Grand prix- Trienaly of Slovak contemporary graphics, ŠG Banská Bystrica, Residencies: 2007- FUTURA, Karlin Studios, Prague, 2000 – Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito (USA), 2005-2009 cooperating with Richard Fajnor on hybrid project Mr.BRA. From 2007 – teaching at VŠVU in Bratislava, lives and works in Bratislava



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