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Monika Pascoe-Mikyšková


In her work with personal experiences, which will then translate through different media. Although my background is extremely individual, I try to refer to topics that are comprehensible to all. Therefore, often refer to the area and describe emotional experience, which meets every (such as. Monotony, routine, love, disappointment, fear of the unknown, vulnerability, aging, family, childhood). Dominant medium for me has long been painting and drawing. The last year and a half, but the more I work with the building, installation and photography. I include and combine fictional and real, which is the specific realities at the intersection of these two worlds. Semantic ambiguity and obfuscation that so there gives me some freedom. Although it was my first creation process more intuitive, currently in it becoming significantly extends the concept. Focus on a single project, which names the problem that the current deal in your life, or have significant influence in some way. Once the realization is usually closed for me. In real life, overcome a clarification, which is always very well for me means moving on ..

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Exhibition SODA gallery -

... not no, not even then ..

4. February - 26. February 2010​


The title of this exhibition I chose as one of several options
that I had prepared for the occasion. For this version, I opted due to some nedefinitívnosti while insistence that for me, the wording of the sentence. And just mentioned properties should evoke repugnance, which is also a guide to understanding the meaning.
It's hard to imagine anything nedefinitívne and thus open (or if we are incomplete) and also insistent that trying to convince. This should be in the works.
I drew ideas from various sources. In addition to my own distinctive photographs of privacy, I reached for ideas culled from medieval woodcuts and book rooms of the old abandoned swimming pools and gyms with a history .. On some screens I motifs combined in layers ...

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Monika Mikyšková

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