Katalin Ladik, Hairself, performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, 1982

photo: Milomir Bošković. Courtesy of the artist and acb Gallery, Budapest


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Svätopluk MIKYTA

Mikyta's works make reference to the political iconography of socialist mass movements and to the nationalist and religious symbols of Eastern Europe. By means of over‐drawings and collage‐like alienations he "doubles" their seductive aesthetic and exposes the political manipulation of images, the impact of which is still being felt today. Sometimes his interventions, with a pen and often with red paint, are scarcely perceptible, sometimes they are so refined that they give rise to something totally new in terms of both composition and theme. Mikyta usually produces cycles of works which are intended to be hung in groups and conjure up associations with history and personal stories due to their open‐ended correlations. 

Katalin LADIK

Katalin Ladik (1942, Novi Sad) is a poet who employs various means of expression. She makes collages, photography, sings, acts in the theatre and on film, practices performance art as well as writing novels and poetry.

Ladik studied at the Economic High School of Novi Sad (1961-63), then joined the Dramski Studio [Drama Studio] acting school in Novi Sad (1964-66). Between 1961 and 1963 she worked as a bank assistant. During this time, in 1962, she began to write poetry. From 1963 to 1977 she worked for Radio Novi Sad. She joined the newly established Novi Sad Theatre in 1974, becoming a member of its permanent ensemble in 1977 and working there until 1992. In 1992 she emigrated to Hungary. She primarily acted in dramatic roles. Over the years, she also played major and minor roles in various TV films and movies. She led the poetry sections of literary magazines Élet és Irodalom (1993-94) and Cigányfúró (1994-99). Between 1993 and 1998 she taught at Hangár musical and theatrical education center.