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For more than a decade, Marek Kvetán is a significant part of Slovak art scene. Since the end of the 1990‘s, he is dedicated to making objects, installations, videos or computer prints, and he is known for his consistent conceptual gesture – creating “strong metaphors” and thought shortcuts that (mainly in his spatial work) often express a sarcastic view of the society, religion, poli- tics or media, or even question the traditional perception of the artistic disciplines (for instance painting) as such. His journey to making conceptual objects or installations that often radiate harsh truths or a sarcastic view of the theme he looks at began at the Studio of Free Creativity of the renowned Slovak sculptor Juraj Bartusz (*1933) with whom he also participated in their joint exhibition with the symptomatic title Anticommunication at the City Gallery in Bratislava (1998). The artist was probably influen- ced by Bartusz‘s inclination to the unrestrained gesture and action with sculptors‘ material like plaster, that Kvetán pretty soon and altogether innovated by the combination with materials like electrical wire or cold light. Few of his early works were pre- served due to execution in fragile materials.