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1. June - 15. June 2012

Is it possible to add more pizzazz Petržalka that it will be taken notoriously gray housing estates and apartment buildings are ugly vypeknia funny coats? We'll see over time. What we can see now is the latest exhibition Rastislav S. painter whose Petržalka scenery (although not admitted - "BAnonymne") deliver primary line content. As many of us have the most typical "country" today, and visuality neodignorovateľnú our living space by deep beneath the skin. Even in the latest large-format paintings, postproduktoch a single site-specific installation is for the creation of distinctive, iconic characters of all "pertžaliek" world - through a highly abstracted and stylized diagram of a typical housing estates of view, the ubiquitous horizontal and verikálami that animal or plant populations the vast labyrinths, no significant visual unable to intervene.

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