Conceptual Photography

by Géza Perneczky

22. January -12. Februyry 2021

Yes-No Strategy


Perneczky is a protagonist of the Hungarian conceptual art, his early conceptual works and also his publications had a catalyst role on the Hungarian neo-avantgarde tendencies. Since 1970 Géza Perneczky lives and works in Cologne and was an important mediator between the Hungarian/Eastern European and the international art scene. On the international scene he became known as one of the founder of the post-fluxus mail art movement, which also defined the character of his conceptual works.



December 11 - December 31, 2020

From the mid-1960s he focused primarily on experimental poetry, graphic scores, and constructing sound objects. Trained in a traditional way but influenced by the poetics of John Cage and Fluxus, he created a large body of work that transgressed the conventional definitions of the arts and quickly moved towards the concepts of opera aperta, action music and various intermedia forms. He also experimented with electronic media, and created several pieces of electroacoustic music and musique concrète, but it was primarily live electronics that fit the principles of his radical poetics. In the second half of the 1960s he worked in several collectives, namely DAD (1965), and Ensemble Comp. (1967, with Róbert Cyprich and Jozef Revallo).


series BAU

1.December -18. December 2020

His current practice is focused on language of geometrical abstraction. He is examining its possibilities through paintings, drawings or objects. Vagac work is based on typical forms of the modernist avant-garde such as constructivism, neoplasticism, or functionalist movements in architecture and design. An important part of his work is thus the relation to the past defined by possibilities of our memory.  A modernist grid is now replaced by virtual grid, which relativizes the primary exactness. Today’s utopia is fully digitized and reflects mankind living in an atomised world.

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