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Unbearable banality of existence


Stano Masár

Intolerable banality of existence


3. November- 3. December 2010

Unbearable banality of existence
Stano Masár

Stano Masár prepared for the Bratislava SODA gallery project called "Intolerable banality of existence."
The author decided to "arrange" gallery that nature reminds cozy apartment. Missing basin, radiator, with a glass shelf, fan, wall clock. Objects that we accompany our daily routine with their functionality are presented in the new position. This seems resigned to their current status and decided to turn it into a way to own them. They create an image of reality novomodelovanej - violated laws of gravity, prevent its further operation, or intentionally destroy. We find ourselves in the midst of reality, where objects like precitli and begin to realize their identity, reality, which opens the mind to doubt the truth of what we see and looking for answers to fundamental questions.

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