Reaction, Performance, 2009 

Past exhibitions

Frešo´s artwork is usually funny, with a punch line, despite their variable potentiality exactlyconstructed. Frešo also confidently works in the sphere of postproduction, though he becamefamous for his objects equipped with various wheels that allowed him to release a playful,nonsensical artistic expression while simultaneously attacking borders of constructive and conceptualwork. As an ideal example, the title work at Prague´s exhibition is Václav Havel´s official presidentialphotograph with a halo. More or less he works and deals with a polysemy. By referring to Havel,Frešo presents a multifaceted, personal reaction on both Havel person, at the time when hewas a Czechoslovak politician, and the social connotations related to him – including artisticembalmment. In this connection, I mention that in Prague´s National theatre, just shortly afterHavel’s death, a rather badly done bronze bust of the well-known playwright and statesman wassituated; surrounded by the greatest Czech personalities. The legend under the photography isalso worth mentioning because it reads “President of the Czechoslovak Socialistic Republic“ and ofcourse Frešo´s striking “signature“. Light provocation is a decoration present in art since the time ofromanticism; it is natural, gentle, necessary and prolific – even in the case of Frešo´s visual activity.