The Second Door, Vlasta Zakova,

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7. March - 30. March 2012

Work Vlasta Zakova (* 1981, Rožňava) is a strongly distinctive manifestation of visual art scene of recent years. It belongs to the range of authors and schools of Kosice its visual manifestation is characterized by particularly new concept paintings, and soft sculptures - object. Even while studying at the Faculty of Arts at the Technical University in Košice (studios Z. Prokop and R. Sikora) Žáková interested theorists and art audiences particularly innovative application of textiles and highly "feminine" author embroidery techniques in the sphere of aesthetics current image. Refined and also extremely precise procedure of hand and machine sewing, fabric layering, shading and shadowing of substances through a thread, achieves a convincing illusion of being a true effect of media drawings and paintings. The traditional character of the 2D image to Žáková moves into expressive ambivalent position, standing on the border of drawings and textile painting (artprotisu), flatness and plastic assemblages, and statickosti processuality (akčnosti) simultaneously.
Early stage of its artistic program are relatively rich series of paintings depicting various sequences - like exposed photographic cutouts of nightlife for young people, snapshots relations taking place in an environment of permanent wild parties, discos and so on. Phase enthusiasm and perhaps even sincere "celebration" socio-cultural entertainment of this type, which is characterized by a dynamic colorful figural compositions (eg Unforgettable Girl, 2006), but soon rotates motif suggestive of exhaustion, and also vyprahnutosti critical self referential. Seemingly smooth and idealized narrative of the expression changes to its opposite. The author draws attention to the negative image of (self-) devastation young people under the vision false and de facto evacuated entertainment that does not lead anywhere. Radical expression of this - largely personally tuned - review becomes known viacfigurálna textile sculpture Lilith in Action (2009), which, together with thematic turn anticipates the logical transfer of a pupil in 3D space.
In addition to narrative figurative paintings and portraits, which often become the template author 'authentic experiences or conversely images apropriovaného privacy (eg photos downloaded from the Internet and social networks), find the line with pupil focused on abstract textile images. This position is prominently at the desire for escape and abstracting specific content and stories, often carrying a negative connotation onerous (theme vacuity and aimlessness of life). Relatives can be understood as the author's current exhibition entitled The Second Door. Premiered a number of new works by the author in a coherent spatial installation mixes work with older data while other iconography, themes. Creates and scenographic composition paintings and soft sculptures with symbolic first step into a new environment and life experience of the visual themes simultaneously. A visual narrative now translates into a meaningful method of installation works in the gallery space, which becomes the materialization of past abandonment issues and forms of confrontation with the entry "into the second door."
As a new ideological paradigm of the pupil in the exhibition shows a departure from the physical world to the experiential or symbolic, mental, and spiritual perhaps. The author enhances expression suggestive visual solution shows, when a series of works, discussed only in black-and-white spectrum, leaving the gallery stand out in the dark under UV light. Visual illusion and virtual effects (dematerialized) image and also uses spatial realizations on one hand, typical light attribute discos and night clubs entertainment, but in the context of the current exhibition can be seen as a metaphor rather subversive atraktivizovanej "farewell".

Nina Vrbanová

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