(What You See Is Not What You See)

(What You See Is Not What You See)

Curated by Michal Stolárik

Exhibition  Marc 4 -  April 3,  2015

Piotr Blajerski (PL), Radek Brousil (CZ), Dávid Demjanovič (SK), Erik Janeček (SK) & Franz-Julius Pelz (DE) & Martin Toldy (SK), Nika Kupyrova (CZ/AT), Jan Nálevka (CZ), Peter Sit (SK), Adam Šakový (SK), Roman Štětina (CZ)

The curatorial project WYSINWYS deals with the topic of the depiction and subsequent perception of displayed images. Ideas, concepts, situations, sensations and visual side of selected artworks shake one's previously held beliefs or assumptions about the nature of reality. What you see is not what you see. The exhibition explores various modifications and mystification of reality which may be unnoticed. This results into quite controversial moment with a special atmosphere in which a viewer knows that what he/she sees is probably not likely to be a reality, but these 'errors' and 'mistakes' stimulate his/her perception and subsequent interest in seen images. Exhibited artworks are exploring our attention, refer to the imperfection of sensations, but also they thematise something I would define as the ability to focus on the current forms of the contemporary art.Richard Gregor: Viktor Frešo. Fifty Contemporary artist in Slovakia, Bratislava: Art Academy, Slovart, 2014.

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