Theory of relativity 1

Zuzana Žabková
The orbits of the planets and the path of a cannon ball

Exhibition lasts: 21. - 28. November 2014

Appolonius who lived about 230 B.C. broke away from Plato`s rule and started to study curves we cannot draw with a compass or a ruler. He focused his attention on studying three curves, which correspond with the boundary of a slice of a cone. Two of them are ellipses representing the orbits of the planets. The parabola represents the path of a cannon ball.

An abstract and visualization of these two sections of a cone is taken from the book Mathematics for the Million by Lancelot Hogbene (found in a family library of S. Muthukrishna and Vladimira Jakubikova during a residency Regular line in a sequoia grove in California).

A drawing illustrates the space that was created as a result of these two sections and it refers to the shape of a burnt sequoia. Burnt hollow cores of these trees used to be accommodated by original inhabitants of sequoia grove. Later, the orbits of the planets and the path of a cannon ball were observed from here.

The opening of the exhibition The orbits of the planets and the path of a cannon ball will be accompanied by music and dance performance of Zuzana Zabkova and Fero Kiraly.

Regular line 2014
Zuzana Zabkova is one of fifteen Slovak artists who were presented in Linz in Austria, Santa Cruz in the USA and Sheffield in England. The project of artistic residencies Regular line will be presented by its founders Zuzana Godalova and Julo Kristof from the Multimedia space for contemporary culture Platform 1-12. The presentation will feature also Slovak artists Juraj Florek, Juraj Toman,Jakub Pišek, Lucia Tallová, Erik Šille, Veronika Šramatyová, Matej Lacko, Lenka Sršňová, Zuzana Žabková, Fero Király, Mária Čorejová, Miro Toth, Marek Kundlák, Andrej Gál and Michal Paľko.

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